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Whether it’s a portable charger or handy packing cubes, these are the Airplane Travel essentials you’ll regret not having on your next flight. As travel resumes, I’m thrilled to highlight some key travel essentials for airplane travel that you can easily snag on Amazon.

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Airplane Travel Essentials:

Here are ten essentials for your airplane travel, all available on Amazon:

1. Airplane Tray Table Pocket Cover

Airplane Pockets Tray Cover , airplane travel essentials

This product is tailor-made if you prefer to avoid dining off the airplane seat tray. This is a game-changer for those who want snacks, gadgets, and entertainment at arm’s reach.

The tray table cover comes with pockets, eliminating the need to rummage through your bag under the seat for snacks or entertainment. It serves as a clean surface for your meal, replacing the airplane table.

The bonus? It’s machine washable!

Rave Review:

I love this product! I purchased one for each family member for an extended international trip to avoid germs on grimy tray tables during multiple flights. However, its utility surpassed my expectations—the pockets proved incredibly handy for organizing water bottles, snacks, a Kindle, earphones, and more.

No more fretting about misplacing small items like chargers. Accessing everything is so much easier than using the seat pocket, and it keeps everything well-organized.

One flight attendant even complimented how cool she found it—she had never seen one before and was impressed. I expected eye-rolls from my husband and teens when I gave them as gifts, but they tried them and discovered just how useful they are.

That’s a significant win in my book. Thanks for such a fantastic product; I’ve already tossed it in the wash, so it’s ready for the next trip. – Liz F.

 2. Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Travel Pillow 100% Pure Memory Foam Neck Pillow,

A travel pillow is a must-have for my flights! It ranks high among my favorite travel essentials. This particular one is crafted from memory foam and is conveniently machine-washable!

Rave Review: 

This pillow is fantastic! It’s a significant upgrade from those flat half-moon things they used to pass off as neck pillows. The pillow strikes a perfect balance—soft enough to provide a comfortable cushion for rest yet firm enough to maintain its shape.

It quickly compresses into the compact bag provided, fitting seamlessly into a backpack or carry-on, saving you the trouble of deciding how to handle a neck pillow at the airport. It even comes with earplugs and an essential eye mask, which neatly fit into the bag, ensuring you’re ready to rest anywhere.

This is one pillow you won’t be returning! – Isaac G.

3. Airplane Phone Mount

Airplane Phone Mount

This Amazon find is a must for my travels! It’s compact, and you can conveniently secure the airplane phone mount using the airplane tray. Now you can treat yourself to your favorite movies. and shows without constantly looking down at your phone.

Rave Review: 

This gadget is nifty! I followed the mounting instructions in the picture above. Still, I also discovered that I could position it near the top of the seat in front of me by tilting the monitor forward and clamping it to the edge and upholstery at the top.

Additionally, as depicted in the picture, the holding clamp is adjustable, allowing for more elevation so your phone can be closer to eye level, reducing neck strain. However, I preferred mounting it to the top of the seat. – Brendan

4. Wireless Earbuds

Wireless Earbuds

These are the wireless earbuds that I own and adore! I make sure to pack them for every airplane journey. They’re budget-friendly and perform exceptionally well.

Rave Review: 

Pairing these earbuds with my phone was a breeze. All you need to do is take them out of the charging case, and they’re ready for pairing (just a quick tip: select TOZO-T10-R, as the right earbud is the primary).

With Bluetooth v5.0, they boast a robust connection and an extended range. I can leave them in my backpack and stay connected up to 30 feet away—the high clarity and the bass’s richness rival the quality of high-end earbuds.

I’ve even taken them into the shower (not while showering), and the earbuds and the case proved highly water-resistant. Surprisingly, I could use my T10s for over four hours, and the charging case can fully recharge them four times. Lastly, the Qi wireless chargeable case is incredibly convenient.

I can place my phone and earbuds on my Qi charging pad, and I’m good to go. If you have yet to experience wireless charging, you really should. All in all, considering the price, I couldn’t find a better earbud on the market. – J Davis KY.

5. Laneige Sleeping Mask

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

I swear by this overnight mask, especially during flights. I apply it before boarding and rinse it off once I reach my hotel. Flying tends to dry out my skin, but this mask works wonders in keeping it soft and hydrated!

Rave Review:

I’m absolutely enamored with this brand; this product is a standout! My nighttime skincare routine has become something I eagerly anticipate, all thanks to this gem. It’s a definite must-buy! – Nicole Castro

6. Travel Blanket

travel blanket

I always get chilly during flights, so a travel blanket is necessary! This particular one has a convenient pocket for easy storage and is incredibly comfortable.

Rave Review: 

This miraculous Blanket became my savior during my four-night ICU stay with my son. It kept me warm and cozy, far surpassing the hospital blankets available.

Being relatively tall, I appreciated that the Blanket was generously long. I can’t sing enough praises for this snug and compact Blanket! (It can even double as a small pillow when folded into the travel bag it comes with!) – J. Bauer

7. Amazon Kindle


Are you looking for a device more significant than your phone for reading books or watching shows while traveling?

The Kindle is the perfect solution! Its paper-like screen for e-books is beneficial, and the long-lasting battery makes it ideal for extended flights. A definite travel essential from Amazon.

Rave Review:

I resisted E-readers for the longest time—I’ve always enjoyed physical books. However, after moving into an apartment with a pool, I wanted something that took up less space, was easier to hold, and wouldn’t get ruined by a few drops of water.

I decided to try the Kindle for all these reasons (plus the convenience of traveling), and I genuinely love it. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to read in bright sunlight, yet I can also adjust it for nighttime reading in bed. Highly recommended! – Kelsey Morgan

8. Water Bottle

water bottle

A reliable water bottle is a travel essential for me—I’m a big advocate for staying hydrated! I prefer emptying mine and filling it up at the airport after check-in. This ensures I stay hydrated throughout the journey and have water on hand during the flight.

Rave Review: 

This water bottle is fantastic. Let me start by saying it’s HUGE but in a good way. Despite its size, it’s easy to pick up and hold. The colors are beautiful, and I appreciate the motivational words and water-tracking feature.

The strap is a game-changer—I’ve had similar bottles without one, and the strap makes a significant difference. I can carry it around with the belt if I don’t want to hold it in my hand.

It doesn’t fit in my car cup holder due to its size, but that was expected given its large capacity. The only minor drawback is that it condenses much when I put ice in it.

It would be great to use ice without sweating, but it’s not a significant issue. Overall, I like this water bottle and have noticed that I drink much more water since using it. I plan to purchase another one in a different color because I like it. – Lissa1215

9. Sleeping Mask with Bluetooth

sleep headphones

This sleeping mask comes with Bluetooth, allowing you to sleep while enjoying your favorite shows, movies, or songs!

It is indispensable for travel and is a must-have among my airplane travel essentials. These masks are incredibly comfortable and offer up to 10 hours of playtime.

Rave Review:

I’ve experimented with two other Bluetooth sleep masks available on Amazon, and while both were good, this one addressed a couple of significant issues for me. Firstly, it’s hand washable—a feature lacking in my first mask, which eventually became unappealing.

The volume control buttons work! Unlike my previous shows, which had non-functional volume control buttons. Moreover, the fabric is incredibly silky and soft, providing a cozy sensation against my face that makes me sleepy just thinking about it.

The charging port is easily accessible, and there are no bulky cords. So far, this version has surpassed the previous ones by a wide margin. – Ricardo Barragan

10. Snack Jars

snack jar

These snack jars are a game-changer for in-flight snacking! With four compartments for different snacks, you can stack them together or keep them separate. They’re perfect!

Rave Review:

I bought these for a beach trip with my toddler, and they’ve proven to be excellent. Since then, I’ve used them multiple times. The convenience of having several snack options on the go eliminated the need for carrying various bags and snack items. Each compartment seals tightly, and they are straightforward to clean.

The top handle also makes it effortless to carry around. The flexibility to take anywhere from one to four compartments is a definite plus. We’ve received numerous compliments from other parent friends. They are undeniably valuable and worth every penny. – mary622

11. Bagail 8 Set Packing Cubes

Utilizing packing cubes is a top-notch strategy to optimize the limited space in your suitcase, especially when traveling without a checked bag. Stuckey has incorporated this set of eight cubes into her Amazon storefront, garnering over 19,900 five-star ratings from satisfied customers, attesting to its popularity.

Constructed with robust nylon material, these cubes are designed to endure the rigors of travel, offering a range of sizes to accommodate items from bulkier sweaters to socks with utmost ease.

These are 11 of my travel essentials from Amazon! What are your airplane travel essentials?


In conclusion, these 11 Amazon finds are not just travel essentials; they’re the game-changers you didn’t know you needed for a seamless and enjoyable journey. Each item addresses specific travel challenges, from the innovative Airplane Tray Table Pocket Cover to the multifunctional Snack Jars, ensuring comfort, convenience, and hygiene.

Personal recommendations and rave reviews underscore the practicality and effectiveness of these products, making them must-haves for any traveler. As we embark on new adventures, having these carefully curated essentials at our fingertips transforms the travel experience.

What are your travel essentials? Share your go-to items, and let’s make every journey smoother and more enjoyable!


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